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The Village of Bonduel is a full service community with a population of approximately 1,500. It is located in Shawano County, just off of State Hwy 29. Bonduel is located between Shawano to the west and Green Bay to the east. Residents of Bonduel enjoy the benefits of small town living and the conveniences that result from easy access to larger cities.

Bonduel is a growing community that prides itself in its small town atmosphere and personal service. Our goal in creating this website is to allow you to learn more about what our city has to offer and to provide useful information to both the Village of Bonduel residents and to those who want to learn more about our community.

Recent News

Water Main Flushing

     Starting October 4th, Municipal Operations will be conducting water main flushing. This is a biannual procedure to ensure water quality. What you will see is fire hydrants being exercised throughout the village for that week. If you have discolored water after the flushing in your area don't panic as this is normal. To eliminate this, run the cold water in your house until the water runs clear.

Fall Clean-Up

     The Village of Bonduel Leaf Collection is scheduled to begin the 11th of October and end the 19th of November. Collection days are scheduled Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday of each week. Weather conditions, quantity of leaves and work priorities will dictate when each location will be serviced. So if you have a pile we will eventually get to it.

Here are a few rules:
     1. LEAVES ONLY! No foreign material or debris is allowed and will not be collected. Branches should not be included with leaf piles. Grass and branches can be dropped off at the recycling center any time, as the yard waste and brush area is open 24/7.
     2. Please place leaf piles no further than 3 feet from the curb. In addition, do not place leaf piles within 3 feet of a mailbox, fire hydrant or power pole. Our equipment only reaches 3 feet and is not very maneuverable to go around objects, so leaves beyond 3 feet or around obstructions will not get picked up. Please do not place leaves in the street.

Free Large Item Pickup- Large items that you want to discard will be picked up on 20 October. We will pick up any large items that don't fit into the garbage containers that you want to dispose of. We will be accepting anything that you are wanting to get ride of from appliances to that Zen garden that never took off and everything in between from old snowmobiles, boats, sheds, swing sets and any random thing you just want to get rid of. Simply place them at the curb by the 20th of October, this is a one time pick up.

Paid Large Item Pickup- There are a few things that costs the village to dispose of. We will pick them up if prior arrangements are made with municipal operations and the fee has been paid. Items and fee are as follows-
Refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers and AC's-$15
Computer monitor, CPUs and flat screen TV's 34" or less-$10
Tube TV-19" or less-$15
Tube TV 20" to 34"-$20
Tube TV 35" and greater-$25
Flat Screen TV's 35" or greater-$15

THANK YOU in advance for your cooperation in this process. If you have any questions, call the Municipal Operations office at 715-758-8779.

Lawn Clippings and Yard Waste

     When mowing your lawn, make the first few passes with the lawnmower blowing the grass clippings into the lawn not the street. If there are grass clippings on the street or sidewalk, use a broom or leaf blower to blow them back into the lawn. Do not use a hose to wash them into the street or storm drains. Keeping your leaves and lawn clippings out of the streets and gutters will prevent clogging of the storm sewers. Clogged storm sewers can flood the street causing short and long term effects to the Villages infrastructure. Bonduel is under mandate by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to assist in improving water quality in lakes, streams and drainage ways into which the village storm sewers discharge. Cost for clean-up of a violation may be issued to the property owner if compliance is not met.

2022 Ganschow Street Reconstruction

Ganschow Street has been identified in the Village's 10-Year Capital Improvement Plan to be reconstructed in 2022. For more information on project, contact Jesse Rankin, Director of Municipal Operations, at 715-758-8779.

Preliminary Construction Maps:
Ganschow Street (Project Exhibit) | West Ganschow Street (Cross Section)

**NEW** Bonduel Dog Park

The Village of Bonduel is excited to announce that construction is underway for a dog park located behind the pond in Cedar Park. There will be fenced in areas for small and large dogs to be off leash. For updates and announcements, follow Friends of the Bonduel Dog Park on Facebook.

0% Interest Home Repair Loans Available

     The Village of Bonduel has a Community Development Block Grant for Housing Rehabilitation. The funds are loaned at 0% interest to eligible households for home repairs.

     Applications are accepted on a first come first serve basis. The loan can be used to make the following types of repairs: Handicap Accessibility, Electrical Upgrades, Replace Windows & Doors, Connect Water & Sewer Lines, Roofing, Painting, Siding, Porch Repairs, Other General Improvements, Repair/Replace Heating Systems, Water Heaters & Plumbing Systems. See our flyer for more information.

     If interested, applications are available at Village Hall or by contacting Kari Justmann at the MSA Housing Program Office at 1-800-552-6330. All information submitted is kept strictly confidential. Funds are limited so apply now!!

Advanced Disposal has changed to GFL Environment

What does this mean for the Village as the customer? Short answer is nothing, the cans, dumpsters and trucks will still display Advance Disposal. There have been a few shortcomings with the changeover but believe we have rectified these issues. We now anticipate smooth collections and service from here forward.
As a reminder here are a few tips:
1. Cans must be out by 6:00am on Mondays for collection. Placing the carts by the street for pickup on Sunday evening is suggested.
2. Carts should be positioned as close as possible to the street with the handles and wheels facing away from street.
3. Please keep 6 feet of clearance between carts and other objects.
4. Large items that do not fit in the cart can be taken to the recycle center on Saturdays.
5. The trash pickup is billed on the water bill, which is a flat fee for all residents. Meaning if you fill each and every cart weekly or only use it once a month the fee is the same. This fee is not optional.
6. Small items that can be put into the carts but brought to the recycle center is paid for twice. Once on the monthly bill and once when the recycle center container is emptied. Usage of the residential carts is highly recommended and encouraged.
Any comments, concerns or questions can be sent to the Director of Municipalities 715-758-8779.

2021 Village Budget

General Fund | TIF Budget | Resolution

Property Revaluation

The Village property tax bill you receive each year, is based on the total assessment of your property. The assessment is a value assigned by the Village Assessor, and is based on similar houses throughout the Village. When the overall values of properties fall out of compliance, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue require municipalities to perform a revaluation of all properties. A revaluation means that the Village Assessor will physically visit and revaluate all properties in the Village. The Village of Bonduel will be performing a complete revaluation of all properties in the Village. The last revaluation was done in 2011.

The Village of Bonduel has contracted with Assessor, Mr. David Schmidt, to update all assessment records in the Village. Beginning in August, Mr. Schmidt will start visiting properties to perform interior/exterior inspections. This revaluation process will take several months to complete with inspections continuing into 2021. The Assessor may also be taking pictures of your property from the street for Village property records. Mr. Schmidt will be reaching out to all property owners to schedule an appointment to do an inspection.

Thank You for your cooperation with the revaluation.

ATV/UTV Routes

The Village of Bonduel roads are officially open to ATV/UTV use, except for State Hwy 117. Country Road BE is now open to ATV/UTV use. Please note this only applies to ATV/UTV's, dirt bikes and other similar motorized vehicles are not allowed. The following are conditions of the use of these routes, and apply to all operators and passengers:

(1) All ATV operators shall slow the vehicle to ten mph or less when operating within 150 feet of a dwelling.
(2) No person shall operate an ATV anywhere within the village between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. With the exception of snow removal operations.
(3) All ATV/UTV operators on routes shall observe posted roadway speed limits; not to exceed 35 MPH.
(4) All ATV/UTV operators shall ride single file.
(5) Operators of ATV/UTV shall observe all laws of this state pertaining to the use of an ATV/UTV.
(6) The Village of Bonduel accepts no liability for the operation of ATV/UTVs on any village roads, alleyways and/or transportation marked corridors under the provisions of this ordinance and also that ATV/UTV operators must remain on an approved and marked trail or route.
(7) All operators are required to have a valid driver's license. Operators' under the age of 16 are required to complete an approved ATV/UTV safety course and carry a safety certificate with them while riding on public roads.

Click here for the full Village Ordinance.

Recently Updated Ordinance

The Municipal Code on this site does not reflect the most up to date changes adopted by the Village. Below are the recently updated ordinances.

2020-03 M-1 Industrial District 2020-04 Fences and Walls 2020-05 Nikolay Zoning Change
2020-06 C-2 Highway Commercial District 2020-07 Meetings Remote Access 2020-08 Public District Conditional Uses
2020-09 Regulation of Chickens 2020-10 Regulation of Beekeeping  
2021-01 Installing & Tapping Mains 2021-02 Temporary Class B Licenses 2021-03 Recycling Required

2020 Consumer Confidence Report Posted

For copy of Water Quality Report, call 715-758-2402 or visit www.villageofbonduel.com/docs/publicworks/2020CCR.pdf

Homeowners Insurance Coverage for Fire Dept. Services

     Responding to a major structure fire entails significant costs - trucks, equipment, materials and firefighters' labor to name a few. After a fire, local fire departments send bills for their services to the homeowner to recoup these costs. MOST INSURANCE COMPANIES PROVIDE NO MORE THAN $500 OF COVERAGE FOR A FIRE DEPARTMENT BILL. Call your insurance agent to confirm whether or not your homeowner's policy provides coverage for a fire department bill and to learn what level of coverage is available. The additional premium to add this coverage to your policy is minimal & will reduce the strain on your finances and the anxiety to you & your family after suffering an unforeseen catastrophe.

The Village of Bonduel is an equal opportunity employer and provider.