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Water Main Flushing and Fire Hydrant Exercising

Starting October 2nd, Municipal Operations will be conducting valve exercising, fire hydrant flushing and water main flushing. This is a biannual procedure to improve water quality throughout the village. What you will see is fire hydrants being exercised throughout the village for this week. If you have discolored water after the flushing in your area, don't panic as this is normal. To eliminate this, run the cold water in your house until the water runs clear. If you continually have issues after running the water or have questions please call Municipal Operations at 715-758-8779.

Fall Clean-Up

Leaf Collection

The Village of Bonduel Leaf Collection is scheduled for 16th of October and to run through the 16th of November. Collection days are scheduled Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday of each week. Weather conditions, quantity of leaves and work priorities will dictate when each location will be serviced. So if you have a pile we will eventually get to it.

Here are a few guidelines:
     1. LEAVES ONLY! No foreign material or debris is allowed and will not be collected. Branches should not be included with leaf piles. Grass and branches can be dropped off at the recycling center any time, as the yard waste and brush area is open 24/7.
     2. Please place leaf piles no further than 3 feet from the curb. In addition, do not place leaf piles within 3 feet of a mailbox, fire hydrant or power pole. Our equipment only reaches 3 feet and is not very maneuverable to go around objects, so leaves beyond 3 feet or around obstructions will not get picked up. Please do not place leaves in the street.

Curb Side Collection

Free Large Item Collection- Large items that you want to discard will be picked up on the 1st of November. We will pick up any large items that don't fit into the garbage containers that you want to dispose of for free. We will be accepting anything that you are wanting to get rid of from Appliances to that Zen garden that never took off and everything in between. From that old snowmobile, boat, shed, swing sets or any other random thing you just want to get rid of just simply place them at the curb by the 1st of November and municipal operations workers will dispose of it. This is a onetime pick up, so if it's not at the curb by 7:00am on the 1st of November we will not come back to get it.

Paid Large Item Pickup- There are a few things that costs the village to dispose of. We will pick them up if prior arrangements are made with village hall and the fee has been paid. Items and fee are as follows:
Refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers and AC's-$15
Computer monitor, CPUs and flat screen TV's 34" or less-$10
Tube TV 19" or less-$15
Tube TV 20" to 34"-$20
Tube TV 35" and greater-$25
Flat Screen TV's 35" or greater-$15
To make arrangements, please stop by or call the Village Hall at 715-758-2402.

THANK YOU in advance for your cooperation in this process. If you have any questions, call the Municipal Operations office at 715-758-8779.

State Highway 117 Project

The State D.O.T. has informed the village that they will be starting on their portion of the State Highway 117 project on May 6, 2024. This work will consist of water and sewer repairs, replacement of the curb ramps/crossings, traffic light upgrades, and repaving of State Highway 117 through the Village of Bonduel.

Below is the tentative timeframe/schedule for each area of the project:

Phase 1: May 6 - June 5
- Complete road closure (impassible) between Express Way & South Street

Phase 2: June 6 - August 13
- Complete road closure (impassible) between South Street & CTH BE

Phase 3: August 14 - August 27
- Flagged lane closures between CTH BE & Mutzy Lane

The Village understands the hardship this will cause for local business and residences, but we have no control over the time frame set by the State D.O.T. Again, this is tentative and it may adjust. Thank you for your patience and understanding, any questions please contact Jesse Rankin at 715-758-8779.

The Use of Bonduel's Sanitary Sewer and Storm Sewer

Ground water entering the system from floor drains and infiltration in the system causes the single largest increase to the cost for treatment. This cost is pasted onto every resident and business in the village on the water bill. In an effort to keep costs down the village would like to make a few recommendations, reminders and tips to keep the flow in our system to a minimum.

1. Ground water entering a floor drain in the basement or any other drain connected to the SANITARY SEWER should be stopped immediately. Only water that is used from the village (faucets and toilets) should be drained or flushed into the SANITARY SEWER (floor drain, sink drain or toilet). If you have a leaky basement, it is your responsibility to create a barrier to eliminate the possibility of water going into the floor drain.

2. The village requires the use of a sump pump to remove water from basements. The sump pump should discharge outside the house. Preferable into a STORM SEWER drain in the curb line. If you do not have curb and gutter in front of your property there should be a drainage ditch/lateral above ground to assist in the flow of water.

3. What is a STORM SEWER? It is the drain in the curb or ditch that rain water travels down connected to a series of pipes and ditches that take the water away from the road surfaces and releases them down streams and ponds to prevent flooding.

Not only is the pumping and or draining of clean water in the SANITARY SEWER illegal but it will also help reduce costs to everyone in BONDUEL!

Any questions or concerns or if you would like to discuss please call Jesse Rankin at 715-758-8779 or stop by Municipal Operations building located behind the fire department.

Bonduel Recycle Center Changes - Effective Immediately

100% ID check and sign-in will begin this weekend at the Bonduel Recycle Center. If your address does not match your driver's license address, then you will need to bring in your current water bill with the correct address on it. This in efforts to help stop non-residents who have been using the Village recycle center.

This effort is to help reduce the cost to the residents who do live in the corporate limits of the Village of Bonduel and pay for the recycle center. If you see someone trying to use the Recycle Center who does NOT live in the corporate limits of the Village, please report the person to the recycle center attendant.

How do you know if you DO NOT live in the corporate limits of Bonduel? If your address starts with a letter, such as W1234 Helmet Street, Bonduel, WI 54107, you DO NOT live in the Village.

This also applies to the Yard Waste Area of the Recycle Center which is open 24/7. The Yard Waste Area will be randomly checked for ID's, during open hours of operation on Saturdays. There will be no sign-in required for this area. All other hours the Yard Waste Area is monitored by surveillance video, and license plates will be checked for vehicle residency.

The Recycle Center does NOT accept: Furniture (couch, mattresses, chairs, tables, etc.) or construction material (any amount) this includes shingles or any item that would not fit in your bin if it was empty. Those items can be taken to the Shawano landfill that charge by the weight and can dispose of those items.

The Recycle Center will take the following items for a fee: TV's, computer monitors, freezers, refrigerators, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers. As attendant for item disposal cost. Fees are paid to the attendant at the time of drop off.

For further questions regarding the Recycle Center changes, please contact Jesse Rankin at 715-758-8779.

Recreational Vehicles

As summer is upon us it brings the oppurtuity to enjoy the outdoors. Here are a few tips to ensure you are in compliance with the village ordnance.

1. Parking is permitted outside in the side yard or rear yard, during the time period of April 1 st to October 31 st , provided it is not nearer than five feet to the lot line.

2. Parking is permitted outside on a hard-surfaced or well-drained gravel driveway provided:
     a. Space is not available in the rear yard or side yard or there is no reasonable access to either the side yard or rear yard. A corner lot is always deemed to have reasonable access to the rear yard. A fence is not necessarily deemed to prevent reasonable access.
     b. Inside parking is not possible.
     c. The unit is parked perpendicular to the front curb.

3. The body of the recreational vehicle, boat or trailer must be at least 15 feet from the face of any curb.

4. No part of the unit may extend over the public sidewalks or public right-of-way.

5. Parking is permitted only for storage purposes. Recreational vehicles, boats or trailers shall not be:
     a. Used for dwelling purposes, except for overnight sleeping for a maximum of 14 days in any calendar year. Cooking is not permitted at any time.
     b. Permanently connected to sewer lines, waterlines or electricity. The recreational vehicle may be connected to electricity temporarily for charging batteries and other purposes.
     c. Used for storage of goods, materials or equipment other than those items consideration to be part of the unit or essential for its immediate use.

Bonduel GIS

The Village of Bonduel has teamed with Ruekert and Mielke to create our very own GIS page. Information on it is limited but will continue to expand as we build our database. Feel free to look and reference this tool that will assist the village employees and residents in all aspects for Bonduel.

ATV/UTV Routes

The Village of Bonduel roads are officially open to ATV/UTV use, except for State Hwy 117. Country Road BE is now open to ATV/UTV use. Please note this only applies to ATV/UTV's, dirt bikes and other similar motorized vehicles are not allowed. The following are conditions of the use of these routes, and apply to all operators and passengers:

(1) All ATV operators shall slow the vehicle to ten mph or less when operating within 150 feet of a dwelling.
(2) No person shall operate an ATV anywhere within the village between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. With the exception of snow removal operations.
(3) All ATV/UTV operators on routes shall observe posted roadway speed limits; not to exceed 35 MPH.
(4) All ATV/UTV operators shall ride single file.
(5) Operators of ATV/UTV shall observe all laws of this state pertaining to the use of an ATV/UTV.
(6) The Village of Bonduel accepts no liability for the operation of ATV/UTVs on any village roads, alleyways and/or transportation marked corridors under the provisions of this ordinance and also that ATV/UTV operators must remain on an approved and marked trail or route.
(7) All operators are required to have a valid driver's license. Operators' under the age of 16 are required to complete an approved ATV/UTV safety course and carry a safety certificate with them while riding on public roads.

Click here for the full Village Ordinance.

Recently Updated Ordinance

The Municipal Code on this site does not reflect the most up to date changes adopted by the Village. Below are the recently updated ordinances.

2022-02 Littering 2022-03 Alarm Systems  
2023-01 Comprehensive Plan 2023-02 Meetings 2023-03 Committees

2022 Consumer Confidence Report Posted

For copy of Water Quality Report, call 715-758-2402 or visit

Homeowners Insurance Coverage for Fire Dept. Services

     Responding to a major structure fire entails significant costs - trucks, equipment, materials and firefighters' labor to name a few. After a fire, local fire departments send bills for their services to the homeowner to recoup these costs. MOST INSURANCE COMPANIES PROVIDE NO MORE THAN $500 OF COVERAGE FOR A FIRE DEPARTMENT BILL. Call your insurance agent to confirm whether or not your homeowner's policy provides coverage for a fire department bill and to learn what level of coverage is available. The additional premium to add this coverage to your policy is minimal & will reduce the strain on your finances and the anxiety to you & your family after suffering an unforeseen catastrophe.

The Village of Bonduel is an equal opportunity employer and provider.