Agendas & Minutes

Village Board

2021 Agendas 2021 Minutes
January 13th  
2020 Agendas 2020 Minutes
January 8th January 8th
January 13th January 13th
January 29th January 29th
February 12th February 12th
March 4th March 4th
March 20th March 20th
April 21st April 21st
May 13th May 13th
June 10th - Amendment June 10th
July 8th - Amendment July 8th
August 5th - Amendment August 5th
September 9th September 9th
September 23rd - Amendment September 23rd
October 14th October 14th
October 21st October 21st
November 11th November 11th
2019 Agendas 2019 Minutes
January 9th - Amendment January 9th
January 15th - Amendment January 15th
February 13th February 13th
March 13th March 13th
April 10th April 10th
April 16th April 16th
May 1st May 1st
May 8th - Amendment May 8th
May 22nd May 22nd
June 12th - Amendment June 12th
July 10th July 10th
August 14th - Amendment August 14th | Audio
September 11th September 11th | Audio
September 25th September 25th
October 9th - Amendment October 9th | Audio
October 16th October 16th | Audio
October 23rd October 23rd | Audio
November 6th - Amendment November 6th
November 21st November 21st
December 4th - Amendment - Amendment 2 December 4th
December 17th December 17th
2018 Agendas 2018 Minutes
January 8th  
January 10th January 10th
January 31st January 31st
February 14th February 14th
February 21st February 21st
March 14th March 14th
April 11th - Amendment April 11th
April 17th April 17th
May 9th May 9th
June 1st June 1st
June 13th - Amendment June 13th
June 18th June 18th
July 10th July 10th
July 27th July 27th
August 8th August 8th
September 12th - Amendment September 12th | Public Hearing
September 17th - Amendment September 17th
October 10th - Amendment October 10th
October 23rd - Amendment - Amendment 2 October 23rd
November 14th November 14th
December 5th December 5th | Audio



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