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The Bonduel-area Amish Community was started by Jonnie Yoder about 30 years ago and has grown to 50 Amish families. It consists of two districts for school and church purposes. Their strong Christian heritage, family structure and schools have a positive impact on our community.

The Amish are exceptional entrepreneurs. Just some of the services they provide include:

Several carpenter crews
Buggy manufacturers
Lighted floors manufacturers
Dairy farmers (both organic and conventional)
Calf growers
Material marketers
Excellent furniture and mini-barn builders
A 15,000-chicken organic egg producer, marketing in Illinois and Wisconsin
Gas appliance and mobile home refurbishing
A furniture store

The Lark Country Store markets food commodities throughout northeastern Wisconsin.

Yoder's Essen Haus provides home-cooked Amish meals for groups as large as 75. Additionally, they sell more than 1,000 fry pies each week at service stations and farmer's markets.

In fall, Rabers sell beautiful large mums. For spring planting, there are greenhouses, and for your table, fresh garden vegetables. Amish produce can be purchased at homes or farmer's markets.

A new Bent & Dent Store will soon be located on Porter Road.

Consignment auctions are held on Hill Road the Saturday of Mother's Day weekend and also on Labor Day.

Hay Stack Dinners are held to support family hardships.

Community tours are available by appointment. Tours may visit an Amish family where guests are served coffee and rolls, the Amish school when it is in session, an egg farm, the Lark Country Store, the fabric store and a deer farm, finishing with dinner at Yoder's Essen Haus.

For tour information, contact: Ken Natzke
W4251 Porter Road
Bonduel, WI 54107
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