Business Development

Development of Bonduel Business Park

In the late 1990’s the Village of Bonduel recognized the need to have improved lots available for small commercial and industrial entities that expressed an interest in locating their operations in the village.  Having these lots available could prove to be a valuable incentive to encourage those companies to make that decision to call Bonduel home.

To implement this plan the Village purchased land on the East side of the Village and created what is now known as the Bonduel Business Park which consists of 12 lots of approximately 2 acres in size.  The Business Park is a mixture of open lots for a more industrial use and wooded lots for a commercial/professional use.  In 2001, with a substantial grant from the Federal Government, the Village installed the necessary utilities and streets to serve this Development.

This Development is now known as the Bonduel Business Park and the lots within this plat have frontage on Mueller Drive and on Jefferson Street from Express Way to approximately 400’ north of Mueller Drive.

Since the initial construction of this Business Park, five different businesses have located within the park. The Village has 3 lots that are currently available to potential developments that may be interested in locating in the Village. For additional information on the Bonduel Business Park, view our current flyer or stop by Village Hall.

Bonduel Express II Plat

The Bonduel Express II Plat was created by the Village in 2004 in response to the needs of two separate development projects desiring to go forward at that time. The village purchased the vacant land behind what is now the area occupied by Kwik Trip and Burger King and installed the utilities and street needed to serve that area.

The new street was named Commerce Court and connects with West Express Way. The village currently has two lots, both just over 1.5 acres, available for purchase and development.