Boards & Commissions

Committee Meeting Dates

Administrative Committee - As needed
Fire Commission - Third Wednesday
Municipal Operations - Fourth Thursday
Plan Commission - First Monday
Police Committee - As needed
Public Safety - As needed
Village Board - Second Wednesday
Zoning Board of Appeals - As needed

**Although certain committees have specified meeting nights, a meeting will not take place if there is not an agenda for that committee. Persons interested in attending these meetings should contact Village Hall to confirm that a meeting is taking place.

Current Appointments

Amended: August 2018

Zoning Board of Appeals
Bob Wendt, Jr. – Chairperson | May 2016
Jean Belke | May 2018
Lyle Wussow | May 2017
Marvin Klosterman | May 2017
Todd Lorbiecki, Ex Officio
Chuck Buss | May 2021
Ted Ballestad | May 2019

Shawano Library Board
Gina Shatters

Village Plan Commission
Sharon Wussow - President
Robbie Woldt III | May 2020
Steve Peterson | May 2021
Mark Welch | May 2021
Todd Lorbiecki, DMO
Troy Westcott | May 2020
Kevin Bartlett

Police Committee
Doug Bartels, Chairperson | May 2020
John LaShua | May 2019
Paul Ebert | May 2021
Dave Schultz, Alternate

Fire Commission
Randy Radloff – Chairperson | May 2021
Sharon Wussow
Jeff Simon | May 2020

Administrative Committee
Sharon Wussow – Chairperson
Gina Shatters
Barb Wickman

Municipal Operations
Barb Wickman – Chairperson
Kevin Bartlett
Randy Wenstadt

Board of Review
Sharon Wussow
Geoff Dowden
Michelle Maroszek
Marvin Klosterman, 1st Alternate
Rosemary Rueckert, 2nd Alternate

Founder's Day Ad Hoc
Renell Bartlett – Chairperson
Kayla Pritchard
Barb Wickman
Deb Hull
Sharon Wussow

Public Safety
Sharon Wussow – Chairperson
Renell Bartlett
Tricia Quandt

Sharon Wussow – Chairperson
Antonio Escalante – Police Chief
Todd Lorbiecki – DMO
Robbie Woldt – Fire Chief

David Schmidt

Building Inspector
Mike Miller, Miller Inspections LLC.

Weed Commissioner
Todd Lorbiecki

Zoning Administrator
Todd Lorbiecki

William VandeCastle/Village Attorney
Tom Martell/Municipal Court

Emergency Management Committee
(Public Safety Sub-committee)
Robbie Woldt
Rodney Hoppe
Antonio Escalante