Bonduel Community

History of Bonduel

The Village of Bonduel was named after the Reverend F. Bonduel, a Green Bay who founded the Catholic mission at Keshena in 1853. As a result of his journey though the area rendering missionary services to the Native Americans, the Village received its name. Bonduel is known as home of the Bears. The legend is that Reverend F. Bonduel was attacked by an offender, when two bears came to his defense, scaring the attacker away. It is said that after that time, the bears followed him and protected him from harm.

Bonduel incorporated in 1916 and officially became a Village. Bonduel is the largest Village in Shawano County, which is nestled at the crossroads of State Highways 29 and 47. The small-town community has a population of approximately 1,500 residents.

Bonduel offers a home town atmosphere that prides itself in rich traditions.

Historic Photos

Historic Bonduel Bank
View of the old bank with the water tower

Historic Bonduel High School
Bonduel High School

Historic Bonduel Depot
Bonduel Depot

Historic Bonduel Depot
Bonduel Depot

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