Municipal Operations

Municipal operations are the day-to-day operations and serves that are provided within the Village. These serves include things such as roadway construction, repair and rehabilitation; refuse and recyclable services; snow removal and storage; fleet storage and maintenance; water and sewer utility operations; fertilizer, pesticide and insecticide application; maintenance of streets and ROW; recycle center operations; and parks and recreation with in the Village.

New Utility Rates Beginning January 2022

2021 to 2022 Comparison

  Dec-21 Jan-22
Water Base $7.73 $10.00
Water Volume $15.45 $16.53
Sewer Base $32.89 $33.83
Sewer Volume $26.16 $26.97
Trash/Recycling $17.50 $17.88
Fire Protection $14.32 $13.35
Total $114.05 $118.56
3,000 Gallons used in the above example

Water Volume Charge for first 16,700 gallons

  Dec-21 Jan-22
Per 1,000 gallons $5.15 $5.51

Water Volume Charge over 16,700 gallons

  Dec-21 Jan-22
Per 1,000 gallons $3.71 $3.97

Sewer Volume Charge

  Dec-21 Jan-22
Per 1,000 gallons $8.72 $8.99
How does the Village of Bonduel bill compare to other municipalities in the State of Wisconsin? The PSC-Public Service Commission publishes this information at: WI Water Rates Dashboard
PSC Approved Water Rates

Garbage & Recycling Pick-Up

The village garbage and recycling services is provided by GFL (Green For Life). Garbage and recycling will be picked up weekly on Mondays, unless there is a holiday conflict. Please have carts to the road with handles facing away from the street and spaced at least 3 feet apart from one another by 6:00 a.m. If carts are obstructed by snow, parked cars, mailboxes or other objects they cannot be picked. Pick up times for garbage and recycle bins may be at different times on the same day. Large items that do not fit in the cart or extend out of the cart will not be picked up; these items should be brought to the Village recycle center on Saturdays. If you have questions or concerns about garbage, please contact GFL Environmental at 920-983-3341.

GFL Environmental

Recycling Center

The residents within the corporate limits of the Village can use the recycle center at no additional charge. Individuals with an address that is Bonduel but do not live in the corporate limits are not allowed. Villagers are encouraged to use their trash and recycling bins at their residence as much as possible.

Saturdays: 8:00 a.m. - Noon
Electronic and Refrigerant Recycling Fee Schedule
*Brush and yard waste access is open 24/7 video surveillance.

Wisconsin Recycling Laws - Banned Items
Wisconsin Recycling Laws - Used Electronics
Wisconsin Waste Reduction & Recycling Program

If you need a replacement bin for your recycling or trash please call 715-758-8779 to schedule a time to pick up a new bin.

Bonduel Sewer & Water Utility

Fats, Oils, and Greases Information
2020 Consumer Confidence Report
Bonduel Utility Rates
Utility Bill Explanation

Sewer Credit Policy

The Bonduel Sewer & Water Utility has adopted a policy regarding residential sewer credits. This policy would cover if you are doing some landscaping and doing this outside the summer sewer credit timeframe of June, July, and August. To apply for a credit outside this timeframe, please contact Jesse Rankin, Director of Municipal Operations at send an email. To qualify for the credit, you must apply in advance of the project.


Jesse Rankin, Director of Municipal Operations

Jesse Rankin
Phone: (715) 758-8779