Building/Zoning Permits

Attention Contractors, Homeowners, and Landlords

If you are planning any type of construction, remodel, electrical, porch, driveway or exterior building contact the Zoning Administrator BEFORE you begin your project. A Building permit as well as a land use permit may be needed.

The Village requires a permit for fences, swimming pools, hot tubs and signs (new/altered). Permits must be acquired before the fence, pool or sign is erected. Sign permits will also need Plan Commission approval.

For Zoning and Building Permit questions, please contact Jesse Rankin at 715-758-8779.


Building Permit Application
Building Permit Fees
Building Plot Plan Document
Driveway Permit Application
Land-Conditional Use-Sign Permit Application
State Building Permit


Paul Hahn
Building Inspector
Phone: 715-250-3233

Jesse Rankin
Zoning Administrator
Phone: 715-758-8779