Recycling Rules

MATERIALS TO BE RECYCLED AND HOW TO HANDLE THEM: Co-mingled recyclables, plastic, tin, glass and aluminum are to be placed in the bin provided. Place newspapers, junk mail and magazines in a paper bag or bundle with twine on top of the bin. Please recyclables at the street along with your trash on Mondays for collection.

  1. Newspapers and cardboard should be bundled or bagged in paper bags (plastic bags are not acceptable). Please place them on top of the bin or along side, depending on the amount of recyclables in the bin.
    A. Magazines, junk mail (including window envelopes), brown paper bags, and cardboard are accepted in brown paper bags or bundled with twine.
    B. Boxes from a 12-pack/soda carton or cereal boxes are also accepted.
    C. DO NOT place newspapers on the bottom of the bin.
  2. Glass jars and bottles, clear or colored, should be rinsed out to prevent odor problems and spilling.
    A. Labels and covers may be left on.
    B. Glass, such as light bulbs, window glass, drinking glasses, and dishes ARE NOT recyclable.
  3. Labels on Tin and Bi-metal cans are ENCOURAGED to be removed. Cans should be rinsed to prevent odor problems.
    A. It is helpful to cut both ends out of the cans and crush them to save space.
    B. Large metal items will not be accepted.
  4. Aluminum cans should be rinsed and also crushed to help save space.
  5. Plastics #1 through #7 are to be recycled.
    A. If in doubt, please check the bottom of the bottle for the recycling symbol and the numbers 1-7.
    B. Plastics bags ARE NOT recyclable, however, they may be taken to retailers that have recycle bins for plastic bags.
    C. It is a must to rinse residue from plastic bottles.
    D. Please remove caps from all bottles.
    E. Plastic oil containers ARE NOT recyclable.

New Electronics Recycling Fees
Effective January 1, 2021

If you have any questions you can contact the Department of Municipal Operations at (715) 758-8779.