UTV/ATV Routes

Village of Bonduel Roads

The Village of Bonduel roads are open to ATV/UTV use, except for State Hwy. 117. County Road BE is open to ATV/UTV use. Please note this only applies to ATV/UTV's. Dirt bikes and other similar motorized vehicles are not allowed. The following are conditions of the use of these routes and apply to all operators and passengers:

1. All ATV/UTV operators shall slow the vehicle to 10 mph or less when operating within 150 feet of a dwelling.
2. No person shall operate ATV/UTV anywhere within the Village between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. With the exception of snow removal operations.
3. All ATV/UTV operators on routes shall observe posted roadway speed limits; not to exceed 25 MPH.
4. All ATV/UTV operators shall ride single file.
5. Operators of ATV/UTV shall observe all laws of this state pertaining to the use of an ATV/UTV.
6. The Village of Bonduel accepts no liability for the operation of ATV/UTVs on any Village Road, alleyways and/or transportation marked corridors under the provision of the ordinance and also the ATV/UTV operators must remain on an approved and marked trail or route.
7. All operators are required to have a valid driver's license. Operators under the age of 16 are required to complete an approved ATV/UTV safety course and carry a safety certification with them while riding on public roads.

Please see full Village Ordinance for complete regulations.